5 Things Mindfulness Changed in My Life

here Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Gabriella Diesendorf. Learn more about how mindfulness changed her life… and how it can change yours.

http://wc8voa.org/?month=oct The first time when I sensed I truly need to change something in my life was when my little bundle of joy came into this world, and when someone told me that what I am feeling is reflecting on my baby’s feelings too. That was terrifying for me, since throughout my life, I was really prone to explosive reactions, stress, anxiety, and unexplainable sadness. It is most natural that for me, as a mother, my child comes first, and my desire and need to protect her was above any emotional obstacle I had to overcome in order to become mindful. Transforming my mindset was not easy, but it was worth it, and the positive changes in my life prove it.

Letting Bygones Be Bygones

generic cytotec canada All of us have, at a certain point in our lives, stopped and wondered: “What would have happened if we had done things differently”. I do not believe that our fate is written in some large mysterious book and that no matter what we do things will remain the same, but I do believe that we should take responsibility for our actions and embrace them, because they made us who we are and led us to the point where our life takes a certain form. Questioning our decisions can only torment us unnecessary. All that counts is what happens now and the day after that.

5 Things Mindfulness Changed in My Life: Becoming Aware

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Filling My Own Shoes

As children we often set a goal of becoming as good in something as our idols, but that is something we should outgrow. The outside messages we receive from the media, friends, coworkers, bosses and family, should not possess a decisive influence over us. I broke the chains of their influence when I gave birth to my child, and from the starting point everyone was trying to manage and comment everything from the simplest things like how I am changing her diapers to the long term ones, like how I am going to raise her.

Learning Is a Lifelong Process

I still remember my graduation day – just throw your hat and go out into the world. I thought that my learning days are over, but you can never be too old to master a new skill and enter the realm of knowledge. After this realization, I have decided to learn Italian, since it was always my dream, study geography, since there is so little I know about the rest of the world, etc. I wish to pass on that love for learning and appreciation for education to my child, so that she would never miss out on some useful knowledge.

5 Things Mindfulness Changed in My Life

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Knowing What I Want and What I Don’t Want

I was never a person who makes decisions easily. Even when I have a rather simple choice in front of me: cheese or pepperoni pizza. A persistent person could persuade me to go his way after some effort, and some people could make me question my own choices with nothing more than simple comments. Well, enough is enough. Now, doubting my wishes and choices happens rarely, but when it does, I do not listen to other people, but I ask myself: “Is this what you want, and what is that that you do not want?”

Everything Is Going to Be Alright

The old me would probably look at my child self and think “What if she gets sick, what if she grows up hating me, etc.” but the new me just looks at that precious little child within and says: “Hey, look what you made, with a smile like that, there is no way something could go wrong”. And truly, a positive mindset attracts positive outcomes, while a negative repels them.

The five points which are processed above represent just a fragment of the positive changes which mindfulness brought in my life. Nonetheless, these five changes are essential and pose the foundation upon the latter avalanche of positive changes ensued. Try implementing these changes in your life and I am quite confident that you will radiate with positive energy like never before!

Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting bore you to death. Currently she is working on early childhood education projects at Little learning school.

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