Be True to Yourself: How to Claim Your Own Power

cheap prices on Misoprostol We have to dare to be ourselves… however frightening or strange that self may prove to be. ~May Sarton

buy cytotec over the counter The funny thing about power is that you can’t just hope and wait that someone will give it to you. You have to seize the moment and claim your own power. Please don’t misunderstand this. It’s not about being a horrible witch or being a bitch! Quite the contrary.

Be True to Yourself: How to Claim Your Own Power

Michelle Obama is a very powerful woman, but she’s also known for being very nice and caring.

What I like about *truly* powerful people is that they are usually the nicest people to be around.

Obviously, I wasn’t at all talking about people who are on a “power trip” — these people are so toxic because they have “fake power.” They cause a lot of problems trying to force people to think they have power, but they do not.

Truly powerful people are usually nice and respectful of other people. They don’t feel the need to try and take away someone else’s power — they have enough power of their own.

This seems paradoxical, but true power involves respecting oneself as well as others. So, even if one can take away someone’s power — that is, one is powerful enough to do so — the truly powerful person usually doesn’t do such a disrespectful thing.

How do you claim your own power? You have to learn to understand yourself and your needs — you have to actively choose to put yourself in situations that can offer the best chances of meeting your needs and making you happy.

What if you make a mistake and find yourself in an extremely powerless situation – one that’s often painful or even dangerous? Dare not stay in a toxic situation a second longer than your self-respect will allow.

What we’re talking about is beyond self-awareness… it’s having self-respect.

You have your own needs that differ from other people. But, they are just as valid. You have flaws. But, you’re okay about them. Once you can start thinking about yourself this way, you have accomplished something so important. You have learned self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is at the core of self-empowerment. You have learned to cherish yourself — just the way you are. There is no need to gain weight, lose weight, have more hair, remove too much hair or anything else that you might do to yourself.

When you accept yourself, you will finally realize that you have true beauty. Of course, you can have fun looking good and doing other things for your health. But, that’s just for fun and health.

Being self-empowered involves knowing that you have a beautiful mind and heart — and with or without a beautiful body (yes, I know… preferably with a great body) — you can truly appreciate the person you have become.

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