Boost Your Creativity: 21 Ways to Be More Creative [Infographic]

follow url You can boost your creativity. Infographic (shown below) offers tips for cultivating creativity. Editor’s note: This infographic is from Daisy Hartwell of Custom-Writing.Org.

Boost Your Creativity: 21 Ways to Be More Creative [Infographic]

buy cheap propecia canada Here are 21 ways to be more creative:

  1. Obsess and brainstorm ideas.
  2. Make experiments and prototypes — test your ideas.
  3. Identify energy killers — stop wasting time.
  4. Relax and take a break — relaxation can boost your creative insights.
  5. Get inspired – expose yourself to new experiences and ideas.
  6. Listen to your body clock.
  7. Set limits — too many choices can overwhelm you.
  8. Record your ideas.
  9. Change the angle — change your perspective and you’ll see more opportunities.
  10. Sleep can increase your creativity.
  11. Go for a walk.
  12. Don’t give up.
  13. Combine ideas — mix the unmixable.
  14. Don’t be afraid to be wrong.
  15. Use what you have.
  16. Borrow ideas.
  17. Make connections — research shows that creativity can be trained.
  18. Think simply — stop overthinking things.
  19. Use your imagination.
  20. Use your safe zone.
  21. Stay hungry — Ask questions and never stop being curious.

Boost Your Creativity: Learn 21 Ways to Be More Creative

Credit: Infographic by Daisy Hartwell Custom-Writing.Org

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