Love – Happiness – Health – Fun – Laughter – Love

buy Seroquel 300 mg Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Ron Foss

Methocarbamol overnight delivery Dear Son or Daughter,

source This is a letter that needed to be written to remind all the sons and daughters just how important you are. You are the future of this world and of the spirit of love and happiness. You will be the ones who will look after sick people, teach children all the things you think they will need to know, build space stations, discover new inventions and make people laugh. You may become a doctor, a teacher, an astronaut, a scientist or even a clown. You can be whatever you want to be.

Love – Happiness – Health – Fun – Laughter – Love

Teaching children about happiness, love and other positive values can help them grow up to be happy, well-adjusted adults.

You can swim with the fish in the deep blue sea, soar with the eagles in the wide-open sky or dance like a butterfly from flower to flower – all on this beautiful stage we call earth.

You have the freedom to laugh at anything funny. You can learn everything that you want to be able to understand and do, and you can love those that are around you. You ask questions so you can do all the things that are there for you to do.

It does not matter much what country you come from, what city you live in or what house you call home. What matters most is that you make everyone around you smile and that you hug and hold close to you all those that you love. The most important thing you can do is to love your mom and dad and your brothers and sisters because they will love you always.

It is important to dream and share your dreams with the people that can help you make them come true. It is important to try and try again. It is important to never give up on what is most valuable to you and to never say, I cant. There are eight little words that all on their own have very little meaning. But put together in one sentence can mean everything. These words should never be forgotten If it is to be, it is up to me.

Families are all different. There are big families and small families. Some are connected, live close together and some live far apart from each other. But all families should share their dreams, laugh and love each other. You are an important member of your family and you’re a joy to watch, to nurture and to care for. You are the most important person to your mom and dad. They want you to be the best that you can be. They want you to be happy.

As you travel through life and gain from it the experiences that are for you the most valuable, one can only hope that you will obtain the greatest satisfaction from doing the following: Be honest with yourself and all others around you. Look upon others only to discover their qualities and friendships, maintain your health. Laugh at most everything and have as much fun as you can. But most important — be happy, learn to forgive and love all things that are living.


A Father who loves you!

Ron Foss is the Senior Partner of EQ Management Group committed to improving management capability. He is also the father of two wonderful children. More information can be discovered at

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