Money, Love, Life and Happiness

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Arac Glasgow

Do the right thing regardless of how you feel. When you want an amazing life, you have to do what you love. To be happy, you have to decide to be that way. Sometimes it is strange thinking that everything you are, decide and do, is and always has been your choice. And it is the patterns that you employ and give expression to in your life that dictate your environment and circumstance.

Money, Love, Life and Happiness

You can’t get what you want unless you know what you want. It can be as simple as changing the way you think. Credit:

If you really want to do, be, or have something, you must desire it and then expect it to come into your life. And the process for what you want it no different for Money, Happiness, Love, Health, and Wealth. If there is anyone of these areas that seem to be running away from you then it is important to ask yourself the question:

“Have you ever sat down and wrote out in detail exactly what you want in that given area?”

When you know just what you want, then sit down and brainstorm on questions of How to get there. See, before you start to brain storm and think to yourself ‘oh wait I can’t do that’ realize that all these little questions are for developing your own little step by step guidance system that will slowly lead you to what you desire. Remember following through with your list of questions or activities, can always be broken down further. This is very important if you know you really just need to make little decisions to get yourself going. Even if that decision is ‘ Bloody Hell, OK yes I’ll get myself out of bed today.” or if your body is encased in a block of cement, you have masking tape around your mouth and you have to learn to blink your eyes in Morse Code to say ‘Help Me,’ you could develop a list for that too.

Now as you work through your list, this means you are continuing to entertain a new idea into your life. And the frequency that you continue to work on this idea causes you to think in new ways outside your normal life. And what do you think would happen when you finally integrate this new idea? Your world would change, because your thoughts have changed. Because you know you can have the thing you wanted, because you do have it. Let’s just for a second call this new world ‘Y.’ And we’ll just say that where you are right now is ‘X’ since your just starting to envision this new idea. Now Y is different than X and X is different than Y . Otherwise if X was X then you wouldn’t have to envision anything or have a desire for something or even build a list because X is X. You are already at X, you already have X so you don’t have to do any work. See the World of X only works with Xs and the Y world only work with Ys. This is why you want Y because you are in X and Y is the next stage of your growth. This is true since as you work toward Y you’ll find all sorts of tiny feelings crop up. Doubts, worry, and external frustrations. This is because the X world doesn’t mesh with the Y world and so the friction that results creates resistance.

When you are moving towards what you deeply desire in life you may encounter a lot of resistance, but remember as you are steadily working toward you Y that this resistance is simply telling you that you are moving closer toward merging and completely integrating you Y. Many people when they get enough resistance is the time they stop pursuing their dreams. So it is important to know that resistance is actually an important part of your changing into Y. Your determination may be tested a lot but that is only because the achievement of your Y will yield further and greater benefit to your life.

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