No Time to Workout? How to Exercise and Lose Weight Without Really Trying

go to site Most people know how to exercise and be healthy. They know that exercise has many health benefits, including lasting weight control. The problem is that most people are just too busy to start working out. They don’t have a lot of time or energy to workout. After a stressful day at work or after a long commute, they are just too exhausted to exercise.

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Inactivity and lack of regular exercise are important contributing factors for the growing obesity epidemic in the United States and other industrialized countries.

Some changes in society promote obesity and other unhealthy habits. For example, instead of being more physically active at home or at work, people often sit and work using their computers. Instead of walking, people drive to a nearby store. Instead of exercising, people often watch television, play video games or surf the Internet to relax. Instead of playing sports, people sit and watch sports on television — while eating massive amounts of junk food!

What’s the solution?

There are easy ways to sneak exercise into your day and burn 500 extra calories a day or more.

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) are small movements, such as, tapping your feet, stretching your legs or standing. These short bursts of “exercise” throughout the day can burn as many as 500 extra calories a day or more and can add up to a big weight loss — without really trying.

Here are quick and easy ways to sneak exercise throughout the day:

  • Instead of sitting, stand while talking on the phone. If you also walk around while talking, you can increase your calories burned even further.
  • Take the stairs at every opportunity instead of using the elevator or escalator.
  • Dance while getting dressed or doing some other activities.
  • Walk over to a co-worker to talk instead of using the phone or email.
  • Stand up during meetings or discussions, if possible.
  • Take a walk during your break.
  • Stand up or walk around while watching television at home.
  • Bounce your knees often.
  • Fidget frequently.
  • Have fun and play interactive video games that require you to move, such as, Nintendo Wii tennis, bowling, dancing, etc.
  • Avoid using labor-saving tools and push-button gadgets. Instead of using the remote control, get up and change the TV channel. Use an old-fashioned rake instead of a leaf blower.

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) can provide increased physical activity for busy people. They can boost their metabolism without having to schedule time-consuming workouts. By doing short bursts of non-exercise movements throughout the day, they can reap the health benefits of exercise. They can achieve lasting weight control and be healthier.

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