How One Woman Changed Her Story to a “Happy Ever After” With a Divorce Bucket List Divorce or any breakup is always painful. I love the idea of doing things that make you happy after your divorce or breakup — especially the things you have been longing to do during your marriage or relationship. It so empowering.

cheap online pharmacy for Misoprostol This is a great way to heal and re-connect with yourself. After any breakup, it’s really important to find ways to nurture and pamper yourself while you’re going through a grieving process over the loss of that relationship.

click How One Woman Changed Her Story to a "Happy Ever After" With a Divorce Bucket List


Read Susan Greene’s story by clicking the link: My Divorce Bucket List: How I changed my story to a Happy Ever After.

Of course, we all know we’re supposed to do things that make us happy whether we’re in a relationship or not. The problem is that life often gets in the way. A big roadblock for most women is that they’re often focused on nurturing their loved ones, but they rarely put themselves in their own nurturing list. Sadly, I’ve been a lifetime member of this group.

Even my career choices involved taking care of others. As a health care professional, my job involved taking care of patients. When I worked as an RN and Case Manager, my focus was taking of sick patients either in the hospital or I visited them at home. When I was a Charge Nurse in a Neurological Intensive Care Unit, I took care of patients as well as the nurses on my team. When I was Director of Nursing, I helped take care of patients as well as the nurses and other employees in the hospital.

Don’t get me wrong. My career was very fulfilling and I’ve always been grateful. I love the idea of having many opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life. And I also love the idea of nurturing my family and friends.

Like most women, I feel that helping others enriches my life, too. The problem is that we often take that good idea too far. If were really honest with ourselves, we’re often willing participants of neglecting our own needs just to nurture others. We live for that stuff!

I think a divorce or breakup is a great wake-up call for a lot of women. It forces you to look at your own choices in life and make the necessary changes. It forces you to take responsibility for finding your own happiness.

After my divorce, I went through a lot. Of course, it didn’t help that I was also pregnant at that time. My divorce was one of the most challenging times of my life. Becoming a single mom was difficult, but it was also joyful. I loved the idea of re-connecting with myself and taking full responsibility of my own happiness. I love being a mom.

After going through my divorce and becoming a mom, I really felt that I could do anything. I felt so empowered after going through that process.

When I look back at that time in my life, I don’t have any bitterness or any regrets. I feel so grateful for the challenges and the changes I went through.

I think everything we go though in life is important in the process of becoming the person we’re meant to be. If you’re going through a divorce or a breakup, just hang in there. Try to embrace the process and the life lessons you’re going to learn. Yes, it’s going to be painful. However, you’re going to re-connect with yourself and re-discover amazing things about yourself. More likely, you’re going to find that happiness is just around the corner. Drink it in. Enjoy all of it. You have truly earned it.

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