Practice Selfless Acts of Kindness to Boost Happiness

get link Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Heather Martin Really, how hard is it to be nice? Kindness flows naturally through us and casts a radiant glow around those who spread it. Happiness is contagious, so start an epidemic.

purchase clomid uk Practice Selfless Acts of Kindness to Boost Happiness

Helping others has surprising health benefits.

Anonymous Kindness at Christmas

Christmastime was bleak in 2011. The recession was approaching Depression-era unemployment rates, and the citizens of the United States could not see an end in sight. Millions of financially strapped shoppers used layaway programs to purchase gifts. At the beginning of December, people who went to make layaway payments began receiving surprise gifts. Someone was paying off the layaways of people they did not know. It did not happen in just one state or store, the stories came from all over the country, reported. From New York to California, strangers were sending thousands of dollars to pay for a family’s Christmas morning.

Hope for Healing and a College Education

Lois Pope donated $10 million to Miami University’s Miller School of Medicine for the study of paralysis and other neurological illnesses. She is also the founder of Leaders in Furthering Education (LIFE), an organization that provides scholarships to those suffering financial hardships. You may not be able to make such exorbitant contributions, but why not give of your time to those in need? In the end, you benefit as well.

Windows of Happiness

Bill Gates was once the wealthiest man in the World. After creating the Windows operating system, Gates retired, and began spreading his wealth to the hungry and disadvantaged. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports education for the poor in foreign nations and the United States. They have given more than $35 billion to help those in need since the foundation’s inception.

When you give from your heart to help make life happier for those in need, you reap the blessings of acts of selfless love. Take a cue from these examples and see how good it feels to give.

Heather Martin is a wife and mom from the South who just sent her oldest daughter off to college. She loves to blog about arts and crafts, DIY and green living.

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