Progressive Self-Help: Deconstructing Life’s Purpose, Breaking Taboos & Finding Contagious Joy

go Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Bethany Ortiz If there was a statistical breakdown showing the amount of people who are living the life they want to live, we’d probably expect the number to be low. Why do we assume that this is the standard? Why does it seem like very few people get the chance to enjoy what they are doing for a living? One study reveals a disturbing statistic about depression in America. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, around 15 percent of the country will suffer from depression at some point in their lives, and 30 percent of depressed inpatients attempt suicide. Although these numbers are a relatively small fraction of the population, it’s concerning that such a percentage of people experience a loss of hope.

Progressive Self-Help: Deconstructing Life's Purpose, Breaking Taboos & Finding Contagious Joy


Life Coaching and the Self-Help Industry

Life coaches, motivational speakers, wellness programs and self-help books are an incredibly massive industry. Back in 1998, The Wall Street Journal reported that self-help book sales accounted for one in ten titles sold, which amounted to a sales figure of $538 million. Now with online magazines, blogs, E-books and all that we’ve been through since, one could imagine how popular the self-help niche is today.

With so much advice through forums, channels and support groups to turn to, where does one even start when looking to better their lives? Many people are looking for religious or spiritual guidance without having to hear boring sermons or read quote upon quote of bible verses. On the flip side, people are searching for practical answers to every day life conundrums, but are growing tired of cold, clinical answers and want something deeper. Enter Ed Young.


A Non-Conventional Pastor

Ed Young is a pastor. Like many of his fellow pastors, he speaks at a Church, and sells books about improving the quality of life through God. He also has his own TV show where you can watch and listen to his sermons. However, there is something fundamentally different about Ed Young that makes him stand out from other pastors. It’s the same kind of fundamental difference that makes Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump and Wolfgang Puck stand out from their peers. These people are all excellent at what they do, but they are also able to reach people in a unique way with their charismatic personalities and non-convention styles.

His Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Florida is truly modern and progressive, and reaches out to all ages and persuasions. Ed Young Television is something like an MTV awards show, with neon lights, a captivating stage show and an eclectic crowd. Through his books and events, Young gets to the root of the issues in America—family and marriage, the purpose of life and even sex, an area often considered taboo among most church communities. Strengthening Relationships, Breaking Taboos, and Deconstructing Life’s Purpose

Young’s book, “Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse,” is co-authored by his wife, Lisa, and urges married couples to “get back to the original design for having an intimate relationship according to God, ” according to the book’s website. Taking the “Sexperiment” on a special section of the site, allows viewers to go through 7 days of devotionals for married couples. The descriptions reads “Married couples will grow closer to one another, not only through seven days of sex, but through dialogue, connection, and vulnerability.”

Another book of his, “Outrageous, Contagious Joy” breaks down the process of discovering life’s purpose and searching for happiness. While most self-help and inspirational books offer answers, this book asks questions like “ Where are you headed?”, “Does God want you to be happy?” and “What are you working for?”.

Young’s messages are a perfect example of progressive self-help dealing with relationships, life goals and connection with a higher power. By getting to the root of issues, breaking barriers, and discussing taboo subjects that we may otherwise be afraid to discuss, we can begin to deconstruct our lives, and build them back up. With this fresh new perspective, we can find purpose, direction and joy.

Bethany Ortiz studied culinary arts and later received a Master’s Degree in English Literature. She loves blogging about her adventures in food, and is quick to correct both your tablespoon measurement and your grammar.

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