Self-Care: Personal Empowerment of Women and Other Caregivers Above all, be the heroine of your life not the victim. ~Nora Ephron

get link Making time for self-care can boost your health and happiness. It can also enable you to better care for your loved ones. If you keep neglecting your own needs just to help others, you will end up with nothing more to give.

cytotec without a prescription Self-Care: Personal Empowerment of Women and Other Caregivers

Increasing your sense of personal power can boost your happiness, self-fulfillment and life-satisfaction.

Especially for women, self-empowerment is a good starting point for making a difference in others. As a group, we tend to nurture others… and sadly, put self-nurturing last on our list. Since we all have busy lives, quite often self-nurturing just doesn’t happen.

That needs to change — it’s just not sustainable. Why?

When you just keep giving of yourself, you get to a point where there really is nothing more to give. And if you keep ignoring what your heart, body and soul is trying to tell you… you will end up hurting yourself in the process as well as the people you love.


You will notice that you become more and more unhappy, angry, depressed or stressed-out as you continue to neglect your emotional and spiritual needs. You’re going to feel used by the very same people you’ve been trying to nurture. And worse, your family and friends may not seem to care enough to give you a nurturing fix. Things can get even worse at that point….

Have you noticed that people tend to stay away from unhappy, angry, depressed or stressed-out people? Yes, that can happen to you!

Some people will try to help a little bit… for a while. But, eventually people will have trouble dealing with all that negativity. Unfortunately, even your family and friends will tend to notice that toxic cloud around you and will probably react negatively towards it… and you! So, your “nurturing fix” is probably not forthcoming.

There is a better way…

Learn to nurture yourself… not as an after-thought, but as the starting point. It seems selfish, but in a good way. It’s important to learn to have some me-time to nurture yourself — this can boost your health, happiness and life satisfaction. Instead of running on empty and always feeling so depleted, you can have more to give to people you care about. Making time for self-care can lead to better care for your loved ones.

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