Want to Get a Job in 10 Days Or Less? How to Get a Job In Health Care — Fast

Yes, you can get a job in healthcare in 10 days or less. How? By learning where to find a job and how to get hired quickly. You can use easy strategies that can help you get a job in healthcare hidden from other job-seekers.

It’s possible to get a health care job in 24-72 hours with these little-known tricks I’m going to share. It can take several days before you can start working because it takes time to get your references and criminal background check to be processed.

Want to Get a Job in 10 Days Or Less? How to Get a Job In Health Care — Fast

Unlike other jobs, working in healthcare can offer some job security. Unlike other industries that often have to lay off their workers, healthcare companies often have a shortage of employees. Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/guccibear2005

Healthcare workers and professionals are always in demand. Most health care jobs are recession-proof — many high-paying job opportunities are available in a tough economy as well as in a booming economy. Due to the aging population and the unhealthy lifestyle of many Americans, health care job opportunities are always increasing.

Many high-paying health care job opportunities are not just available in the United States; they are also available all over the world. For example, travel nursing is very popular among nurses who want to travel all over the United States or all over the world. Travel nurses enjoy free housing and free travel as well as very high-paying healthcare jobs in hospitals, homecare and private healthcare companies all over the world.

Unlike other jobs, working in health care can offer some job security. Most people will get sick at some point in their life and they will always try to get treated regardless of their financial situation. Unlike other industries that often have to lay off their workers, healthcare companies often have a shortage of health care employees.

Many health care jobs allow greater time flexibility for better work-life balance as well as more time for family and other loved ones.

Some people start out working in lower-paying health care positions in order to get experience, training or a degree for high-paying healthcare careers.

Some people are unhappy or insecure in their current jobs. So, they work in healthcare in order to afford going back to school and getting their degree for career advancement.

Even if you want to ultimately get a job in a field other than healthcare, having some income to cover your basic necessities can help you manage your stress during the difficult job-search process. Many healthcare jobs can offer a lot of flexibility in your schedule. So, you can easily fit in some time for continuing your job search or taking classes for a new career.

enter site What Is the Best Way to Find a Job In Healthcare?

Instead of applying for jobs with hundreds or thousands of competition, it’s smarter for job seekers to look for hidden jobs in healthcare.

The hidden job market in health care is much larger than the advertised job market. Most job seekers do not know about these healthcare positions; so, few people apply for them — and this can be a huge opportunity for you.

A whopping 80% of all jobs are filled without employer advertising. This is why many healthcare positions are hidden from most job seekers. Instead of advertising available jobs, many hospitals and health care companies work with recruiters. In addition, they post their job openings internally; so, their own employees can apply for a promotion or do a lateral transfer into a job they prefer. This strategy is very effective in keeping their employees from leaving.

Experienced healthcare workers and professionals get a lot of high-paying offers from many companies. For example, experienced hospital executives can receive invitations to apply for jobs paying around $200,000+ a year and Case Managers are often enticed with six-figure salaries.

Understandably, hospitals and healthcare companies are very aggressive about “protecting” their own staff from tempting offers. How? Aside from offering their own promotions and lateral transfers, they offer competitive wages and raises. They also find many ways to help their staff enjoy greater job satisfaction.

The best way for job seekers to find hidden jobs in health care is through networking with nurses, therapists, doctors, executives and employees working for hospitals or healthcare companies.

You can land a great job in healthcare by using job search tools or networking to find hidden jobs, but this can take a few weeks or months before you can start working. Of course, you can also get lucky and get a job right away.

A previous supervisor called me and told me how scared she was about not being able to get a job for a few months. I could sense the desperation in her voice. Immediately after the phone call ended, I called one of the executives for our company and made my recommendation. She told me later on that they set-up an interview one hour after our conversation and she was hired the same day. Of course, it made a huge difference that I really liked and respected my previous supervisor. So, I was able to give a really strong recommendation. Unfortunately, this kind of result doesn’t happen that frequently.

You can increase your chances of getting hired quickly by using insider information from anyone involved in the hiring process. I used to work as a Director of Nursing for a small hospital; so, I was very involved in interviewing and hiring our staff. I’ve also worked as a Case Manager/Supervisor for a private healthcare company. It can get very competitive to get good healthcare workers; so, we were very aggressive in hiring promising applicants quickly in order to keep them from going to competitors.

There are little-known tricks that you can use to find somewhat-hidden or totally-hidden jobs in healthcare and get hired fast. You can start working in 10 days or even less if your prospective employers can get your references and criminal background check processed faster.

These easy-to-get jobs are lower-level health care positions that usually do not require you to have certification or a degree. You will be required to have some care-giving experience. It’s absolutely necessary to mention any experience you have had caring for a sick relative, family member, friend, neighbor or anyone — if you can not meet this requirement, you will not be hired.

http://cottonwoodsteakhouse.com/author/briellematsongroup-com/page/3/ How to Get a Job In Health Care In 10 Days or Less

1.   cheap Methocarbamol You can find somewhat-hidden jobs in healthcare by using indeed.com, the search engine for jobs. These jobs are hidden because most people do not know how to find them.

  • To find jobs available for “caregivers” in your area, click the link and input your own zip code as well as the distance you’re willing to travel.
  • To find jobs available for “an aide” or “aides” in your area, click the link and input your own zip code as well as the distance you’re willing to travel.

2.   You can also find somewhat-hidden jobs in healthcare by using craigslist.com for your area.

  • Click link to browse the healthcare jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area, California:
  • You can also narrow down your search by clicking the specific regions you want. Click here if you live in another state or country and you want to do a similar search.
  • You can search for available jobs near your area by using keywords, such as “caregivers”, “aides”, “health care” or “healthcare”. If you have certification, you can use keywords, such as “CNA”, “certified nursing assistant”, “nursing assistant”, “HHA” or “home health aide”. If you have a degree, you can use keywords, such as “nurse”, “RN”, “registered nurse”, “LVN”, “licensed vocational nurse”, “nurse practitioner” or “NP”.
  • You can search for part-time, contract, telecommuting and non-profit jobs as well as internships.
  • You can also search for healthcare jobs offered by individuals or families needing someone to help care for a disabled or sick family member. Click Medical/Health under the Jobs category and you can search for people needing “caregivers”, “aides” or “an aide” near your area.

3.  You can find totally hidden jobs in healthcare by using yahoo.com for your area. Of course, you can also use local yellow pages. These jobs are usually not advertised; so, you have a good chance of getting hired quickly if you apply and you have some care-giving experience.

  • Click here to find a hospital or healthcare company in your area. You can input your city or zip code and use keywords, such as, “health care”, “healthcare”, “hospital”, “nursing center”, “nursing facility”, “convalescent”, “home health”, “home care”, “private duty” or “senior care”.

Additional Tips

  • If you do not have a certificate, mention to Human Resources (HR) that you are not a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or a Home Health Aide (HHA). Don’t rule yourself out just because you don’t have certification. Some positions may not require it.
  • If you apply for a job in a convalescent hospital, nursing center or nursing facility, ask HR if they offer on-the-job training and certification. You can use the certificate to get an easier and better-paying job in the future.
  • To increase your chances of getting hired quickly, apply to multiple hospitals and healthcare companies the same day. You do not need an appointment; so, just show up and fill out an application. Do not apply online.
  • To increase your chances of getting hired quickly, visit private healthcare companies and fill out applications around the middle of the week. Why? Usually on Wednesdays, Staffing Coordinators start to realize that they will be desperate for healthcare workers for the weekend. So, they often ask the hiring people to step up their search and hire promising applicants more quickly. Your references and criminal background check may be processed within hours, instead of days. You can also show up and fill out applications as early as Tuesday or as late as Thursday.
  • You have a lower probability of getting hired quickly on Mondays and Fridays. Applications on Fridays usually get processed the following week. Most job applicants show up on Mondays; so, you have a lot more competition on those days. In addition, Staffing Coordinators are still hopeful that they would not get desperate for week-end staffing; in turn, hiring people are not yet pressured to hire even promising applicants quickly.
  • If possible, try to work for multiple healthcare companies especially if you’re going to work for smaller, private companies. Why? If the patient census is low and you end up not working for one company, you can accept an assignment (a patient) from another company. What if you already have a patient from one company and another one wants to give you a patient? Just tell the truth. Just say, “you’re already working and can’t take another patient… but you’re available for other assignments in the future.” For large hospitals like Kaiser, low patient census is usually not an issue; so, you shouldn’t need more than one job if you get hired there.

Getting a job is a numbers game. So, you need to apply to a lot of hospitals and health care companies to increase your chances of getting hired quickly. Knowing where to find a job and how to get a job in health care can help you successfully get the job.

Another huge bonus: the more places you apply, the more networking contacts you will have and the greater your chances of finding soon-to-be available jobs. You can also get recommended for current job openings in your networking contact’s network in the health care industry.

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