Do You Choose Happiness? Take the FREE Happiness Test and Find Out

How happy are you… really? Do you choose happiness… or are you getting in your own way? Take the free happiness test and find out…

Do You Choose Happiness? Take the FREE Happiness Test and Find Out

Misery is only an option. Do you choose happiness? Is there anything that is getting in the way of your happiness?

I found two quick and easy tests that can give you more information about your happiness and life satisfaction. These free tests can help you understand what makes you happy and what gets in the way of your happiness .

Free Happiness Test –  Rate your happiness by answering 5 easy questions. It will take you about one minute to take this FREE Happiness Test and measure your happiness. Click “Submit” and you will get instant analysis of your answers.  This Happiness Test was created by Ed Diener, a psychologist  from the University of Illinois; it  is one of the most basic and widely used tools to measure happiness  –  the Satisfaction with Life Scale.

Free Happiness Quiz –  You can get instant results after answering the short questions. You get  a detailed explanation of answers that are boosting your happiness or those that are getting in the way of your happiness.


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