Problems At Work? You Can Make a Living From Home and Do What You Love

Role strain for family caregivers can lead to problems at work. Absences and scheduling conflicts associated with caregiving responsibilities can even lead to job termination as well as loss of income.

The solution for family caregivers is to make a living from home. It can offer the flexible work schedule they desperately need. Read on…

You Can Make a Living From Home and Do What You Love

By making a living from home, you can have a flexible schedule. You can work whenever you want and take time off whenever you need. You can generate extra income, passive income and/or recurring income. So, you can have more financial security when you make a living from home.

Family caregivers make a lot of personal sacrifices to care for loved ones dealing with physical and mental illnesses or disabilities.

The emotional and psychological roller-coaster that comes along with being a caregiver can lead to fatigue, depression and burnout as well as employment issues.

Many caregivers end up sacrificing their careers due to their caregiving responsibilities.

Caregiver role strain contributes a great deal to difficulties at work. There are so many problems and medical appointments related to a loved one’s health issues. So, most caregivers end up missing a lot of workdays.

After using up their vacation, sick days and personal days, caregivers end up with many absences at work that can lead to their termination; many just end up quitting their jobs due to the strain of caregiver role.

Loss of income associated with loss of employment contributes to financial problems related to caregiving. This just makes the financial burden of illness a whole lot worse.

Lost your income due to the pandemic or for any other reason?

Learn how you can apply for income replacement programs and other financial assistance.

According to a Harvard study which analyzed medical bankruptcy (published in The American Journal of Medicine in 2009), financial problems related to healthcare costs including, medical debt and hospital bills contributed to 62.1% of personal bankruptcy filings in 2007.

The study also showed that in 37.9% of medical debtors, the illness resulted in the patient’s family member losing or quitting a job; in 24.4% of debtors, the illness led to getting fired.

Job loss and loss of income associated with their caregiving responsibilities are unavoidable for most caregivers.

What’s the solution?

Making living from home may offer the flexibility that most caregivers desperately need.

If you’re caring for loved ones dealing with health issues, you need to work your schedule around medical appointments, hospitalizations and other issues related to their health.

This makes it hard for most family caregivers to have a traditional job because of the challenges of caregiving; most end up losing their job due to frequent time off or absences from work.

“I’ve been a family caregiver since 2003. So, I know how challenging it is to manage caregiving responsibilities while trying to have work-life balance.

Being able to work from home has been a great sanity saver for me. It’s less stressful to have control of my time. It allows me to have more time for self-care. It allows me to spend more precious time with people that matters most to me.” ~Allie Mendoza

When you make a living from home, you have a flexible schedule. You can earn extra income, passive income and/or recurring income. In addition, you can work whenever you want and take time off whenever you need.

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